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Silverton Logistics

Services coordinator for the Film and Research Industries
Crane Services and Specialized Rigging in SW Colorado

The go-to Guys in the San Juan Mountains

Silverton Logistics brings together a team of experienced professionals and the resources needed to accomplish your job in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Our recent accomplishments include providing the rigging, heavy equipment, coordination and general support in 2009 for Team Redbull to build a secret backcountry halfpipe and make a film of pro snowboarder Shaun White to perfecting his new tricks that he used in the 2010 Winter X Games and the Winter Olympics.

Simply put, Silverton Logistics are the guys who "get heavy stuff where it doesn't want to go".

From: Transworld Snowboarding Magazine, October 2009

"I'm meeting Nipper in a bit to go up," I add, namedropping for a little local cred-Nipper Alsup is the local fixer,the guy, according to Shaun White, who 'gets shit done' in Silverton."