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Silverton Logistics ~ About Us

The go-to Guys in the San Juan Mountains

the Silverton Logistics crew

The Silverton Logistics Crew: Silverton Logistics is a family company consisting of Bill Alsup and his two sons, Nipper and AJ. Bill Alsup started as a lift serviceman for Pomagalski S.A. (now known as Leitner-Poma) in Denver in 1959. He was relocated to Woodstock, Vermont, where he ran his own Poma ski lift distributorship for 25+ years.

He sold his agency back to Poma in 1989, when he then relocated to Durango, Colorado with his wife and children. Bill still lives between Durango and Silverton and is a certified lift cable splicer and inspector. Bill's son William "Nipper" Alsup lives in Silverton with his family and helps run Silverton Logistics. AJ Alsup is a world-class fabricator who lives in Vermont and helps out on special projects.

Along the way, Bill had an exciting motor racing career. First, he was a solid competitor in the early days of motocross and later he was an Indy 500 driver for Penske. Bill has won two national championships in Super Vee series racing and was a successful racer of desert trucks and sports cars.